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Library Information

Hours & Locations

Open hours:

9:00 to 20:00

Closed date

  • The third Monday of every month.If the day is a national holiday, the library will be open on the day and closed on the next day.
  • The end of every month. If the day is Saturday, Sunday or a national holiday, the library will be open on the day and closed on the next day.
  • Special Maintenance period
  • Year-end and New Year's holidays (Dec.29-Jan.4)


Library Name Address Phone
Chuo Library 1-13-1 Tokiwadai 3967-5261
Akatsuka Library 6-38-1 Akatsuka 3939-5281
Shimizu Library 16-16 Izumi-cho 3965-9701
Hasune Library 3-15-1-101 Hasune 3965-7351
Hikawa Library 28-9 Hikawa-cho 3961-9981
Takashimadaira Library 3-13-1 Takashimadaira 3939-6565
Higashi-itabashi Library 1-10-15 Kaga 3579-2666
Komone Library 1-6-2 Komone 3554-8801
Nishidai Library 3-13-2 Nishidai 5399-1191
Shimura Library 1-8-1 Azusawa 5994-3021
Narimasu Library 3-13-1 Narimasu 3977-6078

Each Itabashi City Library has "Book Post" located near its entrance. You can return books and magazines in it when the library is closed.

"Book Post" is also located at the following place.

Book Post

  • 1-14-5 funato (Funato Hal)
  • 3-35-15 tokumaru (Tokumaru Regional Center Kanri-jimusho)

How to use Itabashi City Libraries

User registration

The following can borrow books and other library materials from Itabashi City Libraries.

  • Citizens of Itabashi as well as people living in Toshima, Nerima, Kita, Wako or Toda City.
  • People who work or attend school within Itabashi City.

To borrow books, CDs and other library materials, you must be registered as a user of the Itabashi City Libraries and have a "Library User Card".

If you are a citizen of Itabashi, Toshima, Nerima, Kita, Wako or Toda City, please bring proof of identification with your address on it (such as a health insurance card, a valid driver's license or a foreign resident registration card). If you live outside these cities but work or attend school in Itabashi City, please also bring proof of identification that will confirm employment/school enrollment and address of employment/school (such as an employee/student ID card).

Please present your Library User Card to the service counter when you borrow library materials.


Number of library materials that can be borrowed at one time

  • Books and magazines Up to 20
  • CDs, cassette tapes Up to 5 titles

* These rules apply to the total you have on loan from all Itabashi City libraries.

Borrowing period

The borrowing period for all materials is 2 weeks.

Borrowing period of books and magazines can be extended once if we have no reservation for those books and magazines. As for CDs/cassette tapes, the borrowing period is not extendable. The extension period is 2 weeks from the requested date.

The request can be accepted by telephone, on the internet service, or at the library service counter.


You may return books and other materials to any of the Itabashi City Libraries, no matter which one of the libraries you borrowed them from.

If the library is closed, please deposit books and magazines in the "Book Post" near library entrances. As for CDs and music cassette tapes, please return them directly to the service counter during operating hours.

If you delay a return over 31days from the deadline of returning, you may be suspended from borrowing and extension.


You can reserve books, magazines, CDs and cassette tapes that are in the possession of Itabashi City Libraries by using the OPAC terminals in the libraries, on the Internet service or at the service counter.

Number of materials that can be requested at one time

  • Books and Magazines: Up to 10
    * The most recent issue of a magazine cannot be borrowed.
  • CDs, cassette tapes: Up to a total of 5 titles


If Itabashi City Libraries do not possess the books you need, we will look for them in the metropolitan libraries or libraries in other cities within the Tokyo area.

Reference services

We will provide support for you to look for books or other library materials or to find the information you need. If you have any questions regarding the library, please feel free to ask the librarian.

We do not provide reference service by e-mail.

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